Axelrod: More ObamaCare changes likely

Former Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod suggested Friday that further changes to the president’s signature health care law are on the horizon.

Asked on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” if the administration would tweak the law after it is implemented in 2014, Axelrod said, “I have to believe that’s going to be the case.”

“Any program like this has to be adjusted along the way,” Axelrod said, pointing to the complexity of the overhaul. “Anytime you implement something like this … there will be changes and there should be changes along the way.”

The administration has drawn fire in recent months for delaying important aspects of the controversial health care law. In the latest setback, it was discovered earlier this month that the administration had postponed a main provision of the law that would limit out-of-pocket insurance costs for consumers until 2015.

Last month, the administration announced a decision to delay the law’s employer mandate, which forces large businesses to provide healthcare coverage or pay penalties.

The moves have fueled GOP efforts to discredit the health care overhaul.

Before Congress left for its August recess, the Republican-controlled House voted for the 40th time to repeal ObamaCare. Meanwhile, Tea Party lawmakers have vowed to oppose any measure to keep the government running after the current funding bill runs out this fall if it also means funding ObamaCare.

Axelrod on Friday pushed back against criticism from some lawmakers that the recent delays are illegal, saying they should go to court and "test this proposition if they are so confident" about it.