Former GOP lawmaker criticizes Walden for chairing NRCC and tech subcommittee

Stearns, who was once the top Republican on the communications subcommittee but lost his primary bid in 2012, noted that the NRCC spent $85 million last year on House races.

"If you're going to run an operation like that, that's a full-time job," Stearns said during a panel discussion at the Technology Policy Institute's annual conference in Aspen. 

"I think those two jobs are, in themselves, total, enormous and require so much intellectual acumen to understand, that I'm very concerned that the aspect of one man doing both jobs creates, not necessarily a conflict, but it provides a difficulty in being the master of any one," he added.

But Rick Boucher, the former Democratic chairman of the subcommittee, defended Walden's decision to lead both committees.

"There are few people in the Congress who I think would be capable of undertaking the dual responsibilities. … Greg is one of them," Boucher said. 

Tom Tauke, a former Iowa Republican House member and longtime lobbyist for Verizon, argued that the Senate has been the main roadblock to enacting technology policy legislation.