Late night smash: Weiner's run, '72 Dolphins

"Not looking good for Anthony Wiener. He's fourth place in the polls," said NBC's "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno Wednesday night. "Well, the current leader in the New York City mayoral race is Christine Quinn, which of course, if she wins would make her the Peter-Tweeter-Defeater."

Leno continued, highlighting Weiner's campaign ads, where he refuses to back out of the race.

"More and more people are calling for Weiner to step aside," Leno joked. "But in a new ad campaign, Wiener says 'quit isn't the way we roll in New York City.' Well it's better than his old slogan: When in doubt, whip it out."

Switching to the White House, CBS's "Late Show" host David Letterman spotlighted the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins' Monday visit to the White House. The team never got to visit, as is tradition after winning the Super Bowl, because they were not invited by then-President Richard Nixon.

"After waiting 41 years, this injustice has finally been corrected," Letterman said. "Nothing new on Native Americans, but this injustice finally been corrected."