GOP lawmaker hits back at green group's climate ad

"My view is that it’s naturally occurring, number one. But certainly man-made activity influences it at the margins, and I think it’s debatable how much that is. But certainly, you know, we know that carbon emissions are bad, and we ought to do everything responsible to bring them down in a balanced approach between environmental concerns and economic concerns,” Coffman said in a Wednesday interview with a Denver radio station KOA.

Coffman is one of four GOP lawmakers targeted by LCV’s $2 million climate change campaign.

He and the other Republicans are at odds with the scientific consensus that humans drive climate change, largely from burning fossil fuels.

On that, Coffman said researchers with views that deviate from the idea of man-made climate change are less likely to snag grants.

“One thing that I certainly read from viable sources is that a lot of the research that’s being done — when you put your application in to get a grant, if you don’t submit to the, you know, orthodoxy of climate change by the radical environmentalists, you’re not going to get a grant,” he said.