McCaul says Obama's credibility on Syria is shot

McCaul said his top concern is making sure Syria's chemical weapons don't end up in the wrong hands, including al Qaeda operatives in Syria. McCaul said intelligence briefings that he hears show that 50 percent of the rebel forces in Syria are made up of al Qaeda-affiliated groups.

"Syria has become a bit of a mecca for jihadists, and every day when I get briefed, every day these jihadists are flowing into Syria," he said.

Like other Republicans over the weekend, McCaul advocated for limited military action in Syria. He suggested coordination with other countries to secure Syria's chemical weapons, but also said he is open to any kind of surgical strike against these stockpiles.

"[I]f there's a way to surgically take out these chemical weapons stockpiles that would be in the best interest, not just of Syria, but what I'm more concerned about, the homeland security interest of the United States."

McCaul said that based on the briefings he receives, Syria has in fact used chemical weapons against its citizens.

"The prevailing wisdom in the intelligence community is that these are chemical weapons," he said.