British fighters, cargo aircraft arrive in Mediterranean

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Two U.K.-flagged C-130 cargo aircraft were also located on the main airstrip of the British air base, which is located roughly 100 miles from Syria's western coastline, based on eyewitness accounts.

The combat aircraft heading toward the Akrotiri air base will join the four American Arleigh Burke-class destroyers already patrolling the Syrian coast in the Mediterranean.

Armed with long-range Tomahawk cruise missiles, the USS Mahan, USS Gravely, USS Barry and USS Ramage are “poised and positioned should any options be taken,” a defense official told The Washington Times on Monday.

Reports of the deployment of British airpower to the region come hours after U.K. defense chief Philip Hammond was briefed on possible American battle plans for Syria by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Hagel told Hammond and French Minister of Defense Jean-Yves Le Drian that the Pentagon "is prepared for any contingency involving Syria," the Defense Department said Tuesday.

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