Coulter: Obama considering strike in Syria to not 'look like an idiot'

"This is now the second time under the Obama administration that America has engaged in a military intervention solely so our president wouldn't look like an idiot for something he said," the conservative pundit said on Fox News's "Hannity."

Coulter added that Democratic presidents often mishandle military strikes, and that military involvement in Syria would endanger America.

"It's very depressing talking about foreign policy whenever a Democrat is president," Coulter said. "They don't care about America's national security interest. They are always making this country more dangerous."

Coulter also said as commander in chief, Obama has sole power to authorize the bombing of Syria.

"The president doesn't have to go through Congress to bomb someone," she said. "He's the commander in chief under the Constitution, a commander in chief could do it."

Obama wouldn't have to get Congress's approval because a bombing wouldn't be considered war, according to Coulter.

"It wouldn't be a war, it would be a bombing," Coulter said. "You can grenade them, it's not a war."