Laura Ingraham slams Md. governor for race remarks

"It's pathetic, it's sad," Ingraham said on "The O'Reilly Factor." "It's incredibly divisive and unhelpful. Conservative policies have been targeted to help all Americans from difficult times and poverty."

Host Bill O'Reilly said he is unclear as to what O'Malley meant by his message.

"O'Malley is the kind of guy who throws the bombs and won't come on this program," O'Reilly said. I would like him to explain this."

He added that the median income has declined 11 percent for black families during the Obama administration.

"The policies of the president are failing black Americans," O'Reilly said.

While O'Reilly said that media coverage does seem to value white lives over other races, Ingraham argued that isn't because of racism.

"It's not because the media doesn't value black life," she said. "It's because of the sensationalism and also because, if they cover this kind of crime, then you have to go a step further and say, 'Why is this brutality disproportionally affecting minority communities?' "

O'Reilly agreed, and said that is why the media doesn't want to get involved.

"And that's why Martin O'Malley won't come on your show," Graham added. "And I will predict that he will never come on your show."