Free-market group riffs on Woody Guthrie in gas export push

And this:

It’s a natural windfall, a common bounty
It’s not really, anyone’s property
So we’ll just hog it, and they’ll still frack abundantly
Plunder will grow the GDP

CEI, a think tank and advocacy group, says there’s a serious message behind the satirical video and song.

“With what right does Dow seek to restrict the freedom of other companies to sell their products in the global market place?” said Marlo Lewis, a CEI senior fellow who doubles as lead vocalist and musician. “Blocking exports cheats everyone involved in the natural gas value chain – investors, workers and shippers.”

Dow and a handful of other big manufacturers months ago formed a group that’s lobbying against “unfettered” gas exports at a time when the gas industry is pushing for a major export expansion.

They say that a major export expansion would raise domestic prices for the fuel that manufacturers covet as a feedstock for their products, making them less competitive.

The Energy Department recently approved two export applications to nations that lack formal free-trade deals with the U.S., and is weighing an array of others.

CEI’s Lewis isn’t the first conservative advocate to politically repurpose the music of a lefty music legend. The fictional Bob Roberts did it 20 years ago.

Liberal actor Tim Robbins wrote, directed and stars in the 1992 satire “Bob Roberts,” which is about a conservative, folk-singing Senate candidate who models himself on Bob Dylan, but from the right.

One of Roberts’ albums is called “Times are Changin’ Back.”

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