Weiner: Congress 'not that good a job'

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Former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D), currently lagging in polls of the New York mayoral race, said on Monday that he wouldn't return to Congress if he had the chance.

“Congress is not that good a job anymore," he said on NBC's "Today Show." 

"You know, frankly there’s such a center of gravity around stopping anything from happening, the Tea Party Right has frankly held hostage the place. It’s not a great place if you want to go and solve problems."

“I hope to be mayor of the city of New York, and I see no reason to go to Congress after that," he added.

Weiner retired in 2011 amid considerable controversy after lewd photos he sent to women who were not his wife became public.

He announced in May his intentions to run for mayor of New York, and though he was initially competitive, the emergence of new details surrounding his sexting scandal in July — including the revelation that he had continued contact with some of the women long past his resignation from Congress — derailed his campaign.

Despite coming in fourth in recent polls of the race, Weiner said on NBC that his chances of winning the Tuesday Democratic primary are "good."

“This is why we have elections. Voters get to decide these things, you know, and I’m confident we’re going to do well,” Weiner said.