MoveOn releases TV ad opposing Syria strikes

Liberal group MoveOn released a 30-second TV ad Monday opposing U.S. intervention in Syria that will run on MSNBC this week, according to its website.

MoveOn was a major force against the Iraq War, and its ad on Syria harkens back to that conflict, warning a limited strike in Syria could turn into something larger.

“We never set out to spend eight years at war in Iraq or to be mired down by more than a decade of fighting in Afghanistan,” the narrator of the ad says. 

“So what should America expect if we rush into Syria, alone, with no real plan for the consequences? We already know it gets worse.”

The ad displays graphics that read, “nearly 7,000 lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan,” and “almost $2 trillion spent in Iraq and Afghanistan.” 

The group recently surveyed its 8 million members and found overwhelming opposition to President Obama’s call to strike Syria. 

MoveOn promised last week to mobilize its members to lobby Congress against military action in Syria.