O'Reilly: US too weak to stop Assad

O'Reilly said 82 percent of Americans believe Assad gassed his own people, but an overwhelming majority is still against a U.S. strike in Syria.

"We the people simply do not want to do it," he said. "Therefore, President Obama will likely fail in his quest to have Congress authorize a military strike against Assad."

O'Reilly also criticized 10 countries for not signing a G-20 statement that condemned the violence in Syria and called for a "strong international response" against Assad. That made the world look cowardly, according to O'Reilly, and left Assad looking like "the luckiest man on earth" for getting away with his use of chemicals weapons.

O'Reilly then warned of the implications if military action isn't taken in Syria.

"Terrorists will once again see that the world is not courageous enough to right grievous wrongs, so terror will continue and likely expand," O'Reilly said.

He said that President Obama's leadership in the world and America would be shot because he failed to win congressional support for a military strike in Syria.

O'Reilly pointed to Republican lawmakers being wary of trusting Obama in taking "risky action," and said Democrats are just against U.S. military action in general.

"The anti-war movement is growing in America." O'Reilly said. "President Obama is getting it from both sides and the polls show it.

"Maybe a miracle will happen and the president's speech tomorrow will change public opinion."