Homeland stars talk 2016 race

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ITK caught up with the stars of the Emmy Award-winning show at Monday night’s season three premiere at Washington’s Corcoran Gallery of Art.

British actor Damian Lewis — who plays the fictional Congressman Nicholas Brody (who may have terrorist ties to an explosive attack at the CIA headquarters in the season two cliffhanger) — says he’s on the lookout for a run by the politician he referred to as “the New Jersey guy.”

Lewis said of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), “I think he could be in with a shout.”

Noticing a puzzled look on ITK’s face, the Golden Globe winner explained with a smile, “That’s a very English phrase, ‘in with a shout.’ It means he might have a chance.”

But for Lewis’ TV wife, Morena Baccarin, it’s Hillary all the way.

“I’m a huge fan of Hillary Clinton,” the actress gushed. “I know that’s sort of an overused answer but — I don’t even know if she will run.”

Baccarin, 34, continued, “I think she would make an incredible, incredible first woman president, an incredible president, period.”

But “Homeland’s” star, Claire Danes, seemed surprised by all the chatter, three years before the next presidential election.

“Oh God, are we really there yet?” she replied when asked about her White House pick. “Of course we are — we were there 16 years ago.”

Danes, who plays a CIA agent, may be taking her role to heart, and remained tightlipped, telling us, “No comment.”

The third season of “Homeland” premieres September 29 on Showtime.