Trump: Putin made Obama look like a 'schoolchild'

"I thought it was amazingly well-written," Trump said on CNBC's "Newsline." "It was tough and I doubt President Obama knew it was coming. This was a sneak attack."

Trump said the op-ed, which appeared Thursday in The New York Times, helped Putin get closer to becoming "the world leader," while pushing Obama further down the ranks.

"He's really embarrassing the United States," Trump said. "[Putin] is making him look like he is the professor and [Obama] is the schoolchild."

Trump credited Putin for throwing Obama a "lifeline" by getting Syria to agree to release its chemical weapons as long as the U.S. ceases threats of a military strike.

"This probably, at least in the short term, helped the president," Trump said of the agreement. "But it also makes the president look very weak and very, very ineffective.

"Frankly, it makes [Obama] look like he doesn't know what he's doing."

Trump said although the Syria crisis has damaged the Obama administration's reputation, Obama has a knack for escaping backlash.

"He's Teflon, he appears to escape from everything," Trump said. "Whether it's [the terrorist attack in] Benghazi or whatever it might be, so many different things."

But for now, Trump said the op-ed certainly dinged Obama's reputation.

"It was very well done from Putin's standpoint," Trump said. "But not good for this country, not good for this president."