Assad: Syria is 'committed' to US, Russian agreement

“Last week we joined the international agreement of preventing the chemical WMD, and part of this agreement, the main part, is not to manufacture these armaments, and not to store and not to use, and of course not to distribute,” Assad said in a rare interview on Fox News’s "Special Report."

 “And part of it is to get rid of those materials ... so of course when we are part now of this agreement we have to agree to this chapter, to get rid of these armaments, to destroy.” 

“We didn’t say that we are joining partially that agreement,” he continued. “We joined fully. We sent the letter. We sent the documents and are committed to the full requirements of this agreement.”

The U.S. and Russia brokered a deal last week in which Syria would give up its chemical weapons. The U.N. Security Council is now reviewing it.

Assad said his country could comply with the tight deadlines put forth in the agreement, under which Syria must submit a list of weaponry within a week, open its facilities for inspection by November and destroy the weapons by next year.

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