Pro-McConnell super-PAC launches radio ad hitting Grimes on ObamaCare

The ad, from Kentuckians for Strong Leadership, ties Grimes to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and proclaims that McConnell has received criticism from Reid because he's "fighting to stop the ObamaCare bailout" for members of Congress.

"Last week, Harry Reid called leaders like Sen. Mitch McConnell 'anarchists,'" a narrator says in the ad.

"Why? Because Mitch McConnell is fighting to stop the ObamaCare bailout for Harry Reid and other members of Congress.  He’s fighting to protect Kentucky families from ObamaCare’s destructive mandates.  And Mitch McConnell is not giving up," the narrator adds.

Reid's "anarchists" comments came on Thursday, as a number of Republicans offered ObamaCare-related amendments to an unrelated energy efficiency bill.

McConnell's amendment sought to delay the individual health insurance mandate for one year, and codify the Obama administration's one-year delay of requirements that employers provide insurance.

Republicans have suggested that lawmakers and their staff are getting an exemption from the law that the rest of Americans aren't privy to, a claim that has been debunked by nonpartisan fact checkers.

The ad notes that Lundergan Grimes is getting fundraising help from Reid and says the majority leader "personally recruited" her to run.

"The choice is clear: Grimes and Reid, pushing ObamaCare on us while members of Congress get a bailout. Or Mitch McConnell, a fighter for Kentucky," the ad closes.

It's the second effort this week from an outside group to give McConnell cover on ObamaCare as he pivots to a focus on coal, which has taken a central focus in the Kentucky Senate campaign this week with the Environmental Protection Agency's release of new emissions standards that would squeeze the coal industry.

McConnell has spoken out against the regulations on the Senate floor, and his campaign has hammered Lundergan Grimes on the issue. Coal production is a big industry in Kentucky, and Republicans believe the Democrat is vulnerable on the issue.

Another outside group released an ad on Wednesday touting McConnell's opposition to ObamaCare. He's received flack from the right for refusing to sign onto a conservative-led effort to defund the law.