Bill Clinton gives GOP credit, saying it can 'fill' atmosphere with static

Former President Clinton gave credit on Sunday to Republicans while Washington is locked in another budget crisis.

Speaking on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Clinton said he wasn’t worried about the future of the Democratic Party. But he said the GOP deserved kudos for its approach to politics.

“We've got a lot of good people in the party. We've got a lot of good ideas. But I think you've got to give it to the Republicans: They have a much more reliable media base and they just say ‘no,’ ” Clinton said. “They know what they want. They want power to cut taxes, eliminate regulation, take government down except for what they like and they can fill the atmosphere with a lot of static.”

President Obama is grappling with Republicans as Washington careens to a federal government shutdown with funds set to run out on Oct. 1. On Friday, the House passed GOP-backed legislation to keep the government running until mid-December but also defunds ObamaCare.

The move to end the Affordable Care Act is expected to be rejected by the Senate, held by Democrats. Republicans have also threatened not to lift the debt ceiling unless ObamaCare is defunded.

Clinton said it may be tougher for Democrats at times but he feels “pretty good” about where the country is heading.

“And it's a little tougher for us, but I feel pretty good about where we are and where we're going. Demographically, the country is moving toward not liberal but communitarian solutions. We're all in this together solution,” Clinton said. 

“I think that has to be the founding value of the country: To preserve individual liberty — and even allow the most libertarian influences of the Tea Party — we still have to recognize that we have some things in common we have to do together."