Palin still not ruling out Alaska Senate run

"I think it really takes someone who has the stomach for the patience necessary to live and delve in that cesspool that is Washington, D.C., which is quite corrupt," the former vice presidential nominee continued. "I have young children, and I want to keep them nice and pure, if you will. And Washington, D.C., would be a very tough environment for them."

Palin also hinted she might get involved in the GOP primary there. Alaska Lieutenant Gov. Mead Treadwell (R) and 2010 GOP Senate nominee and Tea Party favorite Joe Miller are already in the race, while Alaska Natural Resources Commissioner Dan Sullivan (R) is expected to jump in soon. Palin backed Miller in 2010 when he challenged Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska).

"I would endorse someone. I've never been one to shy away from calling it like I see it and putting my money on someone who is willing to serve for the right reasons, do the right thing and not be a typical go-along to get-along politicians, certainly never a RINO [Republican in name only]," she said.