Graham: If ObamaCare succeeds Hillary will win presidency

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) says Hillary Clinton will win the presidency if the Affordable Care Act is a success. 

“If it’s a huge success, Hillary Clinton will win the presidency,” he said on Fox News’s “On the Record” Tuesday night. 

Hillary Clinton is perceived to be the likely Democratic front-runner for president in 2016. She has not yet announced a run but has hinted at one. 

Regardless, Graham said he’s going to now give ObamaCare a more fitting name. 

“I will never call it ObamaCare anymore. I'm going to call it ClintonCare,” Graham said. 

“Hillary Clinton decided today to own ObamaCare, so in 2016, when this thing falls apart and the economy's in shambles because of ObamaCare, I'm going to hereafter call it ClintonCare.”

At the Clinton Global Initiative Tuesday, the Clintons defended the 2010 healthcare law; its full reforms take effect Oct. 1. Former President Bill Clinton sat down with Obama to discuss the law’s implementation. 

“I find the debate over this issue to be quite unfortunate,” the former first lady and secretary of State said on a panel before her husband and former boss spoke. “A law was passed. It was upheld by the Supreme Court. It is the law of the land.”

The Supreme Court ruled the law constitutional in 2012. 

Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) railed against it during a speech on the Senate floor Tuesday afternoon, which then carried into Wednesday morning. The Tea Party senator is responsible for pressuring House GOP leadership to defund ObamaCare in the government spending bill. The House passed that version Friday. 

The Senate is scheduled to vote Wednesday afternoon to end debate and move forward on the resolution, but Graham understands its weak prospects in his chamber. 

“I think most Democrats, if not all, will vote to strip it out,” Graham said of the defunding ObamaCare language. “That will be the issue of 2014,” a major midterm election. 

Asked what his thoughts are about Cruz’s long speech, Graham said, “Any time you're talking about ObamaCare and how bad the bill is for America, that's a good day.” 

“The question is, can we convince Democrats to defund ObamaCare? Maybe five Democrats will listen to what Ted's got to say, and we'll win the day.”