Vitter: Hard to win anything in Harry Reid Senate

“It’s hard to win anything in the Harry Reid Senate. That’s just a fundamental problem of life where we work,” he said on Fox New’s “On the Record” Tuesday evening.

Reid (D-Nev.), the Senate Majority Leader, has promised to strip language defunding ObamaCare from the government spending measure the House passed Friday. 

Vitter and other Senate Republicans, however, support the House’s defunding language. The senator said he’ll vote no in the cloture votes scheduled for Wednesday and later this week in an attempt to stall the measure. 

On Tuesday, Vitter said he planned to file an amendment that would reverse a rule allowing the federal government to contribute to Capitol Hill employees’ health insurance premiums. 

The Obama administration introduced this new rule change as Congress left Washington for their five-week August recess. Vitter said it doesn’t comply with the law itself. 

“[It’s] just made up out of thin air by the Obama administration at the behest of Harry Reid and others,” he said. 

Reid has called Republicans “anarchists” in recent days for their tactics. He said Tuesday that Vitter’s attempt to squeeze in more changes to ObamaCare could help Vitter in his state’s 2014 governor’s race. 

“Maybe it’ll help him get elected governor, which in my mind, wouldn’t be a bad deal, if you know what I mean,” he said. 

Vitter has not yet announced he is running for governor. 

On Fox News, Vitter said the comment is an example of Reid “constantly changing the subject.”

“I think that says a lot about what he fears and how the American people feel about this issue. That's all the more reason for Republicans to correctly rally around this principle.”