GOP Sen. Corker skeptical of Yellen nomination

“I want to make sure she doesn’t view herself as an enabler of bad policy within the Congress itself,” he said Wednesday morning on CNBC. “I’ve seen nothing to change my view of where she is relative to monetary policy in the last two to three years.”

President Obama is slated to announce Wednesday that he is nominating Yellen to to take over for Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. 

Yellen was nominated as a vice chair to the central bank in 2010, and Corker voted against her. He said her views were too dovish toward Wall Street. 

"I don’t see any evidence that that’s changed, but look, as I mentioned I’m going to look at her record," Corker said Wednesday. "There’s just not much there to discern. She hasn’t given a lot of talks and there aren’t a lot of notes. At the end of the day, the trade is half way home."

Corker is a member of the Senate Banking Committee, which will handle Yellen’s nomination.

The senator said he wants Yellen to explain why Bernanke decided not to taper the Fed’s monthly bond purchases.

“I want to understand how she expects to get out of the trade, why wasn’t there tapering that took place, when will it take place, evidence if quantitative easing is working relative to employment,” Corker said on CNBC. 

Republicans have been wary of supporting Yellen because some are concerned she’s more focused on unemployment than controlling inflation. 

If she’s confirmed, she’ll be the first woman to ever lead the central bank.