King: Boehner would face tough decision on Senate deal

King said Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will have a tough decision on whether to take up a Senate deal, saying that “generally, yes” he still supports Boehner’s leadership. 

“And so that means then that if the Senate — put this in quotes — jams the House and sends a bill over that rolls in the CR [continuing resolution] and debt ceiling together, then the Speaker has to make a decision on whether he will take that up or refuse to take that up,” King said. 

If the Senate sends its proposal back to the House, Boehner could have to rely on a number of Democratic votes to pass the measure. 

King had been arguing that the United States would not default and would continue to pay interest on its debt long after the Oct. 17 deadline set by the Treasury Department.

Budget negotiations switched back to the Senate side Tuesday night as a House-passed proposal stalled out in the lower chamber. The timeline for Senate passage could hinge on conservative Republicans, including Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Mike Lee (Utah), and whether they allow the bill to be taken up without delay. 

King said Cruz has been a leader on the issue. 

“He has made some strong, good points. He has taken a leadership position on this from a fiscally responsible, constitutional perspective,” King said. “I think a lot of Ted Cruz and those who took stand in the Senate — if they hadn’t done that it would have been redundant for the House almost to do so.”