Axelrod: 'Yohos of the world' could hurt GOP

Former White House adviser David Axelrod predicted the Republican Party would hurt its prospects for the presidency in 2016 if it allows the conservative wing of the party to dominate. 

Axelrod said the party would be in particular trouble if Republicans like Rep. Ted Yoho (Fla.) were allowed to control the primary process. 

Yoho has been downplaying the risk of not raising the debt ceiling, arguing the United States would not default because there is enough money to pay interest on the debt. 

“The real question for the Republican Party is — I think that structurally they are set up OK for 2014; we’ll see how this impacts it — in 2016 the question is whether the Yohos of the world control the nominating process,” Axelrod said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “If they do, they are not going to win a national election.”

 Axelrod said there would likely be an interim deal to raise the debt ceiling and open the government, but the country would be in a real problem if Yoho’s wing of the Republican Party prevails. 

“The most frightening moment yesterday was congressman Yoho … when he said in an interview that he thought that all this talk about catastrophe if we go over a cliff is ‘media hype,’ ” Axelrod said. “If that kind of thinking prevails, we are going to have really big problems.”