Robert Redford slams lawmakers trying to 'paralyze the system'

"I think just the idea of giving credit to this president, giving him credit for anything, is abhorrent to them, so they'll go against it,” Redford said of Obama’s political opponents.

“Never mind that it's the better good of the people, never mind that they're supposed to be in office representing the interest of the public. They're representing their own self-interests, which is very narrow and, in some cases, bigoted."

The director, 77, said of lawmakers, "There is a body of congressional people that wants to paralyze the system. I think what sits underneath it, unfortunately, is there's probably some racism involved, which is really awful."

With the nation on the brink of defaulting on the U.S. debt, Redford — who has donated to both Republican and Democratic candidates over the years — asks, “Why are these people behaving so stupidly? Why are they behaving so horribly that it’s crippling our whole country?”

Redford praised Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) for what he describes as her work toward bipartisanship, saying, "Susan Collins, who is a Republican, is saying: 'Enough of this. This is not the job I signed up for. I've got to do something.’”

When asked by CNN’s Nischelle Turner why it takes women to get their male colleagues in Congress talking, Redford replied, “Because a lot of men that were in control were behaving stupidly. I mean, sometimes you say: 'Can we actually be this dumbed down, or am I actually hearing what I'm hearing from some of these people?’ ”

But the entertainer stopped short of naming another famous female as his 2016 presidential pick. “No, I’m not supporting anything now,” Redford said when asked whether he would support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a White House bid.

Redford said of Clinton, who has yet to declare whether she will consider a run, “I just think that by and large, I wouldn’t single out one woman over another. I think it’s time to give more women a chance.”