Krauthammer: Boehner 'clearly doesn't have any' power

Krauthammer said Boehner did put up a good fight trying to stop what the Speaker often referred to as the "train wreck" of healthcare reform, but said his efforts ended up hurting the Republican Party.

"In the end [President] Obama said nobody won, but that's like saying at Appomattox nobody won," he said. "I think it was a clear victory, unfortunately, if you were a conservative it was a great defeat."

Now that the government is funded until Jan. 15 and the debt ceiling extended up to Feb. 7, Krauthammer said the GOP won't put up a sustained fight like they have ever again.

"There's one absolute truth that comes out of this," he said. "The Republicans are not going to try this again.

"So, when we get to the deadline in January and February, especially after what happened this time ... I don't think there's anybody who is going to want to say, 'We're going to shut down the government,' which which will take away from the Republicans a lot of their leverage.

"So they are going to go into this now weaker a second time as a rest of the debacle this time."