George Takei renames Capitol 'national nuthouse'

“I looked beyond that, far beyond that,” Takei said, “and I saw the national nuthouse — the place where some wackos closed the government and threw hundreds of thousands of people out of work and then they turn around and say they’re creating jobs.”

The 76-year-old gay rights activist — who boasts nearly five million fans on Facebook — slammed lawmakers for the partial government shutdown, saying, “It’s absolutely crazy, absolutely irrational.”

Motioning with both arms, Takei, a Democrat, said on one side of Washington was “total irrationality” and on the other side was the “shining ideals of our nation.”

“It’s not two, separate cities,” the actor — who played Sulu in the sci-fi TV series — said, “it’s the same city. And it’s our national capital.”

Saying he’s visited the District several times, Takei expressed excitement that the shutdown had ended, saying, “It’s wonderful to be back in Washington at last. And it’s wonderful to have Washington back and working at last as well.”