Manchin: Obama waits until crisis to engage with Congress

"I don't think that's his style," Manchin told WOWK's "Decision Makers," according to the Washington Free Beacon. "I mean everybody has a different — my style, and your style would be, let's sit down and talk, [say] 'We can work this out. C'mon, I know you have to go but let's stay, it's worth staying, can you stay a couple hours longer, let's get this fixed.'"

"Everybody has a different way of doing things," Manchin continued. "He doesn't have that jump up front, engaging style."

The West Virginia Democrat went on to tell say that Obama often waited "until the process [in] the House and Senate goes through everything they can."

"I just think sometimes they're looking for a little bit of guidance also… that's your responsibility as a leader to give that guidance," Manchin said.

"I think it could be a little better."

Manchin has been critical of Obama in the past, going as far as to say he was unsure whether he would vote for the president during last year's campaign. Manchin has frequently objected to coal regulations proposed by the Obama administration.

In April of 2012, Manchin also told MSNBC Obama's outreach "could be better."

"I like communications. I like to reach out and touch Democrats, Republicans, front row, back row, and get everyone on the same page," Manchin said at the time.