MSNBC's Todd: Sebelius could be fired for ObamaCare problems

Todd suggested that person might be Sebelius. Sebelius's sister said last week that Sebelius would not resign, and that the White House does not hold her responsible for the problems.

"The White House is smart enough to know that if she steps aside or they ask her to resign, they will never get anybody else confirmed," Ellen Gilligan told The New York Times. "Plus, I don't think they hold her responsible."

But Todd suggested otherwise and said Sebelius's relationship with President Obama is on unstable ground.

"Kathleen Sebelius is very nervous about her standing with the president," Todd said.

"Who knows what happens, but that would be the ultimate sort of, if all else fails, bring in somebody to quote unquote, 'Fix this.' "

President Obama addressed the online healthcare enrollment glitches Monday morning during remarks in the Rose Garden.