Obama pleads with supporters to help sell ObamaCare

He tells supporters they should join "Team ObamaCare" and travel "out in their communities" to help individuals to find coverage.

The request for help comes amid persistent technical problems with the website, preventing many users from shopping for insurance and causing headaches for the White House. 

In the video, Obama admits "that the website has not worked as smoothly as it was supposed to."

"But we have people working overtime in a tech surge to boost capacity and address the problems," the president said. "And we are going to get it fixed."

Obama says that with the website still glitchy, the administration was "boosting our efforts to make sure folks can buy the same quality, affordable health plans the old fashioned way."

"That's where I'm asking for your help," the president says, urging supporters to volunteer to tell others "what the Affordable Care Act will mean for them."

The video to OFA came after the president himself admitted that early struggles with the website "makes a lot of supporters nervous" during remarks in the Rose Garden on Monday. The president acknowledged that the glitches were providing ammunition for Republicans who had long opposed the program as too big for the government to implement properly.

But the White House is also hoping to keep uninsured individuals from giving up on the program. 

The success of the act is dependent on millions of Americans opting to purchase insurance, rather than pay fines. If buying a plan is seen as too cumbersome and consumers opt against doing so, that will cause premiums to spike and potentially undermine the program.