WATCH: Social media star chicken ‘Donny’ wants Fox News interview

Donny, an inflatable 20-foot Tax March Chicken that bears a striking resemblance to President Trump, is riding a wave of social media buzz after his mid-week protest on the National Mall just yards from the White House this week. 
Now he wants his 15 minutes of fame to include a Fox News interview with host Shep Smith.
Speaking on behalf of the oversized inflatable chicken, Tax March Executive Director Nicole Gill told The Hill that the organization “loved” seeing Donny covered on national TV - including on the conservative Fox News.
“We saw him on CNN, we even saw him on Fox News, which is not something that progressives are normally featured on,” said Gill, who describes herself as “mother hen” to the chicken. 
“Shep is welcome to interview the chicken at any time - we’d love to talk to Fox News about tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires that [the GOP-controlled Congress] is likely to support in the fall,” Gill said. 
Tax March organizers on Wednesday placed Donny, who features a golden coif of hair and hand gestures similar to Trump’s, near the Ellipse area by the White House that is open to the public. There, he featured in multiple live shots on cable news and content posted by social media users online.
Gill admitted that the whole point of Donny is “to get noticed.” The group, which organized the Tax March that drew more than 25,000 people to D.C. earlier this year, also inflated that chicken to promote that event. The original idea behind the chicken was criticism that the president is afraid of publicly releasing his taxes.
“We’d love for Trump to see the chicken and to tweet about it - that’s what it’s here get noticed,” Gill said.
Look for Donny at protest rallies across the country as the group continues to highlight its “Not One Penny” campaign. The organization says it is drawing a “line in the sand” that not a penny of tax cuts sought in tax reform legislation should go to the rich or corporations.
“Donny is our first supporter,” Gill added.
Watch the video above to see Donny and hear Gill.