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October 22, 2014

Paul Teller: Cruz’s agitator in chief

Like his boss, Paul Teller has a reputation for being a troublemaker.
October 21, 2014

ISIS, Ebola dominate NH debate

But the N.H. Dem could regret saying she was "absolutely" proud of her ObamaCare vote.
October 21, 2014

West Virginia Dem's ad ties Capito to Wall St.

Natalie Tennant trails Rep. Shelly Moore Capito by double digits in polls.
October 21, 2014

WH to red-state Dems: Don't blame Obama

Candidates will rise or fall on "their own success in motivating voters," spokesman says.
October 21, 2014

Christie to Chamber: ‘I'm tired of hearing about the minimum wage’

New Jersey governor bemoans focus on raising minimum wage.
October 21, 2014

Did airdropped weapons fall into hands of ISIS?

A new video shows a militant going through boxes of grenades.
October 21, 2014

Ron Paul: Calls for Ebola travel ban 'politically motivated'

That puts him at odds with his son, who says a ban should be "definitely considered."
October 21, 2014

White House shrugs off Obama remarks

White House press secretary says Obama was just seeking to rally black voters.
October 21, 2014

GOP bullish with two weeks to go

Republican hopes of winning the Senate and making House gains continue to rise.
October 21, 2014

Veterans ads boost Dem candidates in Iowa and Massachusetts

VoteVets Action Fund is helping Senate candidate Bruce Braley and House hopeful Seth Moulton.