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July 7, 2015

Few in DC will love Iran deal, expert says

Lawmakers are unlikely to embrace the emerging diplomatic deal with Iran, a nuclear...
July 7, 2015

Ex-Im vote holds peril for No. 2 House Republican McCarthy

The GOP House leader has spent a year positioning himself as an ardent foe of the bank.
July 6, 2015

Trump: 'Infectious disease is pouring across the border'

In a 900-word statement Trump doubled down on his comments about illegal immigration.
July 6, 2015

WATCH: Obama speaks from Pentagon on ISIS

The president is meeting with his national security team for a briefing on the fight.
July 6, 2015

Team Clinton ‘worried’ about Bernie Sanders campaign

Clinton aide says Sanders will be a "serious force."
July 6, 2015

Clinton press aide defends rope line

Access for press "can't get in the way" of Clinton being able to campaign, says aide.
July 6, 2015

The 10 Republicans most likely to win the GOP’s 2016 nod

Bush takes the top slot in the latest rankings from The Hill.
July 5, 2015

Puerto Rican debt crisis hits Congress

Lawmakers must decide whether to allow island territory to declare bankruptcy.
July 5, 2015

Democrats diss Paul, Bush; disregard Trump, Santorum

The political attacks show which GOP candidates Democrats view as the biggest 2016 threats.
July 4, 2015

First presidential election debate looms

The Hill's AB Stoddard sits down with republican John Feehery and democrat Rodell Mollineau to...