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August 23, 2014

Republican tries to rally GOP support to impeach Holder

A Republican lawmaker who is trying to impeach Attorney General Eric Holder knows he has a long way...
August 22, 2014

White House defends Obama on golf

Amid criticism, spokesman says president appreciates the "gravity" of journalist's beheading.
August 22, 2014

White House: Foley's killing was 'absolutely' a terrorist attack

"We see that as attack on our country when one of our own is killed like that," aide said.
August 22, 2014

Reid apologizes for Asian jokes

"One problem I've had today is keeping my Wongs straight," Reid told an Asian crowd.
August 22, 2014

Norquist: No shutdown over Ex-Im, please

"This is not the time or the place to have a showdown," Norquist said.
August 22, 2014

NRCC features cocaine monkey in ad against Barrow

"That's how outrageous the spending in Washington has gotten," a woman with a monkey on her...
August 22, 2014

Romney: It's Ryan's turn to run for president

Ryan and Romney conducted their first joint interview since 2012.
August 21, 2014

Dems launch 'war on women' ad against Gardner

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee attacked Gardner over abortion.
August 21, 2014

Musicians slam ‘pay to play’ Super Bowl policy

Union officials are up in arms over the NFL's request of payment from would-be performers.
August 21, 2014

US Ebola victims discharged from hosptial with clean bill of health

Doctors say it's unclear what role an experimental drug played in the recovery.