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January 29, 2015

Megyn Kelly fires back at Mike Huckabee: Women have premarital sex, too

The former governor said he shocked to hear women cursing at a business meeting in New York.
January 28, 2015

Perry wears indictment as 'badge of honor'

The former governor said he was "standing up for the rule of law."
January 28, 2015

MSNBC launches 'Fantasy Candidate Draft'

Is Mitt Romney on your fantasy team?
January 28, 2015

Boehner: 'I'll be here for a while'

Asked whether he's serving his last term as Speaker, he replied: "No, no, no."
January 28, 2015

Blackburn not running for White House in 2016

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) says she’s not running for president in 2016.
January 28, 2015

Feds: Up to 6 million will face ObamaCare penalty

Another 15 million to 30 million uninsured people will qualify for an exemption.
January 28, 2015

WH downplays cheers over first lady forgoing headscarf

Sen. Ted Cruz on Twitter applauded the first lady for “standing up for women.”
January 28, 2015

Boehner defectors not returning to Rules panel, aides say

Florida GOP Reps. Daniel Webster and Richard Nugent will be replaced on the committee.
January 28, 2015

Walker group takes shot at Clinton

Ad says country can't look to the past for change.
January 28, 2015

Attorney general nominee backs Obama's immigration actions

The nominee attorney general nominee noted that she was not involved with the decision.