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April 16, 2016

GOP blasts IRS over illegal immigrants' tax returns

Republicans have leveled a string of complaints against the agency.
April 14, 2016

WATCH: Dem rep says Clinton superdelegates risk primary challenges

A Hillary Clinton superdelegate tells The Hill his colleagues have been threatened with primaries...
April 14, 2016

Sen. McCaskill: Son once called me 'best prostitute in Kansas City'

Sen. Claire McCaskill says she told her young son she was a "prosecutor."
April 14, 2016

Arquette's new role on Capitol Hill

Oscar award-winning actress Patricia Arquette plays a new role this week, lobbying lawmakers on...
April 14, 2016

Trump highlights 'big protest march' in Colorado

Trump said "over one million people have been precluded from voting."
April 12, 2016

Former Rubio campaign aide pranks sister with zombie apocalypse

Softened up by wisdom teeth surgery, she takes the end of the world in stride.
April 12, 2016

GOP consultant: Primary politics 'dirty as hell'

The claim from Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's new convention manager, that rival Ted Cruz uses "...
April 10, 2016

FOX 5 On The Hill: Voter Voices

The Hill editor-in-chief Bob Cusack joins FOX 5's Ronica Cleary and Tom Fitzgerald to discuss...
April 8, 2016

Watch: Dem contenders fight over qualifications

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took off the gloves on the campaign trail this week, with each...
April 8, 2016

Candidates face off for delegates

John Feehery and Peter Fenn join A.B. Stoddard to discuss important developments in the campaign.