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August 21, 2015

Planned Parenthood: Videos illegal

"I absolutely do believe that they have violated laws in terms of how they secured these videos."
August 20, 2015

Judge orders State to coordinate with FBI about Clinton server

Judge opens door to additional demands on former secretary of State.
August 20, 2015

Carter says cancer has spread to his brain

"I'm perfectly at ease with whatever comes," the former president said.
August 20, 2015

Mia Love tears up talking about Planned Parenthood

The freshman Republican could become an important voice for the GOP on the thorny issue of abortion.
August 20, 2015

True bipartisanship – oppose the deal

A financially bolstered hard-line Iranian regime will result in increased terrorism abroad and even...
August 19, 2015

Singer Morrissey: TSA worker 'put his finger down my rear cleavage'

The singer has accused a TSA worker at San Francisco airport of sexual assault 
August 19, 2015

Clinton aide on server: 'She didn't really think it through'

Palmieri says there's no complex rationale behind the private server.
August 19, 2015

GOP lawmaker: Government shutdown unlikely

A senior GOP lawmaker is optimistic that Congress can avoid a government shutdown in the fall.
August 19, 2015

GOP debate gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment

It was the most watched cable newscast of all time, but what were they really saying?
August 19, 2015

15,000 government emails revealed in Ashley Madison leak

Hackers released nearly 37 million profiles from a website for adults seeking affairs.