LIVE: Obama holds conference with Chancellor Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting the White House on Friday for the first time since news broke that President Obama’s spies had snooped on her phone.

The revelations created a furor in Germany and turned Merkel’s relationship with Obama into fodder for “Saturday Night Live,” which has repeatedly sent up the German leader.

Merkel called the spying “completely unacceptable” and confronted Obama. The White House said that it would not monitor and was not monitoring Merkel’s communications, but pointedly didn’t indicate whether it had spied on her phone in the past.

More than six months later, there’s little sign the fight is interfering with Obama and Merkel’s relationships.

The National Security Agency is not expected to be a major part of Friday’s meeting, with the two leaders focused on how to deal with Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t continue to bubble to the surface, analysts say.

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