Dem: GOP trying to 'squeeze' Obama

A California Democrat said that Republicans probably won't address the border crisis until October in order to "squeeze" the president.

Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez says her GOP counterparts are unlikely to send a bill to President Obama before the August recess so they can exploit the issue politically.

"I believe that the Republicans think that this is a winning political item for them and they'll thrash it out some more over August, and go after the president," Sanchez explained in an interview, adding, "I think they are going to squeeze him out of funds between now and Oct. 1."

House Republicans are hoping to pass a border bill in the coming days, but it's unlikely that legislation will make it to Obama's desk before Congress adjourns for the summer.

The GOP-led House passed Sanchez's bipartisan bill last week, approving the measure that would provide more training to Homeland Security Department officials in identifying human trafficking.