WATCH: GOP lawmaker 'confident' US would prevail in North Korean conflict


Rep. Scott Taylor (R-Va.), a former Navy SEAL, is praising President Trump's handling of North Korea's recent missile launches, saying the president is doing "a very decent job with a tense and difficult situation."
"I think that this president, and this administration further, is actually doing a very decent job with a tense and difficult situation," Taylor said in a recent interview with The Hill.

"I know some people may not like that the president is there and he's doing it, but when you look –– North Korea was marching toward shooting something at Guam," he continued.

"Then the president tried to engage China – they weren't doing enough – then the president announces, 'All right, we're going to have an investigation on trade policies with China' – then North Korea stands down. That is not a coincidence, it's just not a coincidence."
Taylor recently addressed North Korea during an American Maritime Modernization Association (AMMA) meeting in his military-heavy Virginia Beach-area district.
"I’m confident that we will be fine if we have conflict, that we would prevail. I’m confident of that, but I am concerned about conflict because there would be a lot of lives lost," he told attendees.

Watch the video above to hear Taylor in his own words.