Lawmaker Interviews

July 26, 2014

Lawmaker: Terrorism 'chatter is up'

A key Democratic lawmaker tells The Hill that U.S. officials have recently detected an uptick in...
July 24, 2014

House Dem: Putin should be 'embarrassed'

A House Democrat says Russia President Vladimir Putin should be "embarrassed."
July 23, 2014

Banned lawmaker: Russia 'directly responsible' for plane

A U.S. lawmaker who is banned from Russia is certain that Vladimir Putin's regime is "responsible"...
July 22, 2014

Will Benghazi hearings start soon?

A Republican lawmaker says he wants a newly formed committee that is investigating the 2012...
July 17, 2014

GOP lawmaker: Immigration reform can pass under Obama

A Republican lawmaker says immigration reform can pass Congress before President Obama leaves the...
July 15, 2014

Lawmaker 'optimistic' U.S. Marine will be freed soon

A Republican lawmaker working to free the U.S. Marine jailed in Mexico is hopeful that Sgt. Andrew...
June 26, 2014

Republican: Babysitting border agents need help

A Republican lawmaker says the National Guard needs to deploy to the U.S.-Mexico border because...
June 23, 2014

Dem: ISIS is using U.S. arms

A senior Democratic lawmaker says that a Sunni militant group has used U.S. arms to wreak havoc...
June 21, 2014

Conservative to GOP: Don't get comfortable

A House Republican lawmaker has a stern warning for the new GOP leadership team: Don't get too...
May 29, 2014

GOP lawmaker: Set up blue-ribbon panel on VA

A GOP lawmaker says the administration needs to tackle the Veterans Affairs agency scandal on two...