Dems target GOP obstructionism in new ad

"Millions of jobs disappeared before Obama even became President," the ad says. "He made the hard choices. His policies are credited for saving the economy from a total collapse."

Obama has two fundraisers in Denver on Tuesday, and will speak about student debt at the Auraria Campus on Wednesday.

"He protected thousands of teachers and rescued American jobs by saving the auto industry," the ad continues.

"Congress Republicans didn’t lift a finger then, and today they’re blocking the President’s jobs plan that will put Colorado back to work. Tell Congress to approve the plan."

Earlier this month Senate Republicans voted in unison to block Obama’s jobs legislation, and then again voted to filibuster a scaled-back piece of the bill aimed at putting teachers and first-responders back to work. Last week the Senate introduced another piece of the jobs bill, this time aimed at investments in infrastructure projects.

Senate Republicans say they can’t support a jobs bill that is paid for by tax increases on the wealthy.