Organizing for Action airs new O-Care ad

The advocacy group formed to push President Obama's second-term agenda released the second in a string of Web advertisements on Friday meant to spotlight the personal stories of those who have benefited from ObamaCare.

Organizing for Action (OFA) says it is backing the “This Is Why” videos with a month-long digital ad campaign with placements on social media and national news websites.

Friday’s video tells the story of a California couple with three young children. The mother has been diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer, and says she was able to obtain healthcare coverage through the Affordable Care Act after previously being denied because of the preexisting condition.

The ad comes as the Obama administration, insurers, and outside advocacy groups are ramping up a public relations blitz aimed at getting consumers, and in particular the young and healthy, to sign up for ObamaCare before open enrollment for 2014 ends on March 31.

The Obama administration announced Thursday that former Miami Heat player Alonzo Mourning has joined Magic Johnson in cutting national ads urging enrollment at The commercials are set to air on ESPN, ABC, TNT and NBA TV during games. Pro-ObamaCare ads are also set to run on NBC during the Winter Olympics.

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