Conservatives criticize plans to promote ObamaCare

Conservatives criticized the outreach efforts as a waste of taxpayer dollars.

"These types of theatrical 'marketing' activities represent a misuse of taxpayer dollars at a time of record debt and deficits," the Heritage Foundation said in a blog post Friday. "Congress should tell the Administration to stop handing out Obamacare grants like drunken sailors and refuse to spend a single dime funding Obamacare."

Heritage also criticized Kentucky for linking its ObamaCare outreach efforts to events that involve alcohol.

"To the extent that these Obamacare promotional activities encourage alcohol abuse, they will inevitably impose new burdens on taxpayers — and raise overall health costs, contradicting the law’s stated purpose," the blog post said.

Likewise, the conservative group Americans for Tax Reform released a list Friday mocking some of the ideas states have floated to promote ObamaCare enrollment, such as placing ads on coffee-cup sleeves and portable toilets at music festivals.

Officials in California have also tried to work mentions of the healthcare law into prominent TV shows.