Tea Party lawmaker: Don't count Boehner out

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The Indiana Republican spoke with The Hill Wednesday afternoon, following the House Speaker’s decision to move a government funding measure that strips money from President Obama’s signature healthcare law.

Stutzman, the first lawmaker to state his opposition to a funding bill that included money for ObamaCare, conceded, “Boehner has the toughest job in Washington as Speaker, but you never count him out."

After a week-and-a-half of second-guessing the House GOP leadership’s initial strategy to move a funding measure that would have set up a doomed Senate vote on defunding ObamaCare, conservatives left a closed-door party meeting in the Capitol feeling “good” about Boehner.

Stutzman disagreed with Senate Democrats, who say that there is a “civil war” in the GOP.

The congressman, who took a lead role in opposition to a five-year farm bill earlier this summer, also discussed his punishment in losing a deputy whip position, and his current role moving the food stamp bill, which is set for a vote on Thursday.