House GOP looks to shift focus on debt-ceiling fight

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Republicans are looking at a buffet of GOP priorities that could accompany a yearlong increase to the $16.7 trillion debt ceiling, including modest changes to entitlements and a one-year delay of ObamaCare.

The debt-limit plan, which is expected to be unveiled after a private Thursday morning GOP conference meeting, could be a way to convince rank-and-file Republicans to fight their spending and healthcare battles there rather than on a government-funding bill.

GOP leaders are still trying to feel out which plan would pass muster with their rank and file, but a vote could come as soon as Saturday to boost the borrowing cap.

A House Republican wish list circulating on K Street indicates that in addition to delaying the healthcare reform law as part of a debt-limit increase, the GOP also hopes to kick-start tax reform, permit the Keystone XL oil pipeline and trim a slew of federal regulations.

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