Justice Breyer anticipates more cases from laws with ‘thousands of pages’

Laws with "more words" passed by Congress will equal more Supreme Court cases according Justice Stephen Breyer.

“Every word in a bill is an argument” Breyer said at a Senate hearing on Wednesday. “You’re now passing laws with thousands of pages, not budgetary laws, but laws that you know are likely to come to us, my guess is with a lag that case-load will start going up."

Breyer appeared along with Justice Antonin Scalia before the Senate Judiciary committee to discuss the role of judges.

Breyer did not specify a particular piece of legislation that might increase the courts case-load. As many of its opponents have pointed out, the Democrats' healthcare law is more than two thousand pages long and its constitutionality will eventually be decided by the Supreme Court.

Many Republicans and Tea Party backed legislators have complained about the increase in legislation with page-counts in the thousands. 

GOP presidential hopeful Hermain Cain promised that, if he were elected, all legislation to be less than three pages.