McCain says GOP will counter jobs plan votes with own proposals

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who is co-sponsoring the bill with McCain, said later Thursday on Fox that he believes the tax cuts in the Republican plan will also be a political winner.

“What we’re trying to do is to actually try to give back to the tax payer more of their money," Paul said. "The only time we have had sustained economic growth in recent history where we had 6 percent and 7 percent economic growth in a year was when Reagan lowered tax rates. Instead of raising tax rates you need to lower tax rates.”

McCain said that he didn't believe that President Obama was ever serious about getting the entirety of his jobs plan passed.

"He showed with the defection of Democrats - and it would have been more of them if it hadn't have been a procedural movement - that he wasn't going to get anywhere near the kind of votes that he needs for the entire package," McCain said. "But he never intended to - this is all about campaigning."

Paul said Republicans were adopting the tactic - and blocking a vote on Obama's full jobs plan - because the president didn't consult with them before introducing his legislation.

"I think the President didn’t come and talk to Republicans… if he wants to work with us he needs to talk to us instead of going around the country berating us with ‘pass it, pass it now.’ If there is common ground we can only find that by the president talking to us,” Paul said.

The Republican plan - dubbed the "Real American Jobs Act" as a swipe to President Obama - is expected to be fully unveiled Thursday afternoon.