Senator says Geithner tone-deaf on economy, invites him 'on a street tour'

Geithner was appearing before the Senate Small Business Committee to discuss a small-business law passed last year, but much of his testimony was spent fielding questions from GOP lawmakers critical of Obama’s efforts to boost the economy.

Snowe said the White House had failed to listen to the public about the severity of the nation’s unemployment woes. "Your primary mission is to craft the economic policy of this country, and at this point, it simply isn't working," she said.

"Something's gone terribly wrong, and what I hear over and over again is that there is no tempo, a tempo of urgency," Snowe added.

Many GOP lawmakers have urged the administration to address long-term tax and entitlement reforms to give businesses greater certainty.

“One-year tax policy isn’t going to make a major difference.” Snow said.