Lieberman: Obama jobs bill spends 'money we don't have'

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said he opposed President Obama's jobs proposal Tuesday, even if it is divided into smaller pieces of legislation.

"Even if you break it into bite-sized pieces, it's spending money we don't have," said Lieberman on Fox News.

"You got to raise taxes to pay for it and to me that just makes the job of the debt-reduction committee, the committee of 12 even harder, he added.

Obama’s full $447 billion American Jobs Act failed to gain 60 votes in the Senate last Tuesday, and Democrats are now attempting to enact it piece by piece.

Obama, who has been promoting his jobs legislation across the country since it was announced in early September, returned to the road this week to pressure Congress to start passing the proposals in the bill as individual measures.

Lieberman said businesses would be reluctant to invest and create jobs unless they were assured that Washington was serious about reaching a bipartisan deficit-reduction agreement.

"Our economy needs a jolt — paying for more state jobs is not going to be that jolt," he said.

"I don't think this jobs act will make the difference for those people that they deserve — only real leadership, bipartisan leadership to reduce the debt will do it,” Lieberman added.

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