Reid accuses Republicans of keeping 'economy weak' to defeat Obama

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid accused Republicans on Wednesday of rejecting President Obama's jobs legislation for purely political motives.

"It seems the No. 1 priority of my Republican colleagues is to defeat President Obama. Their strategy is to keep the economy weak as long as possible, so they oppose legislation with a solid record of creating jobs," said Reid on the Senate floor.

"Never mind that in the past they have supported every one of the jobs measures created that we've proposed," he added.

Senate Republicans retort that it is the majority leader who is playing politics, by bringing up jobs legislation that would be paid for with tax increases on income above $1 million.

"It appears that Republicans suit up every day to come down here and come to work with the sole purpose of defeating President Obama instead of suiting up with the sole purpose of creating jobs," Reid said in his speech.

Alexander Bolton contributed to the story.