Leahy: DOJ accountability measure would hamstring efforts to aid crime victims

“It would say to our victims, we’re going to say to rape victims, we’re going to say to exploited children, we’re going to say to our police officer who’s told to go out there without a bulletproof vest to defend you and me in the middle of the night ‘sorry, sorry, sorry the wealthiest nation on earth can’t help you,’ ” said Leahy.

Referencing his time as a prosecutor, the Judiciary committee chairman added, “I can tell you some stories, I can tell you some stories about what happens to these children who are exploited, and abused, and it would have everybody here in tears.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who penned the amendment, said the reporting requirements would help target mismanagement and fraud in many DOJ programs.

“The inspector general says management of grants at the Justice Department is abominable,” said Grassley. “[O]f the handful that are audited 25 percent show mismanagement and fraud and things of that nature.”

The amendment, which needed to pass a 60-vote threshold, fell 46-54.